Domed Emblems for Center Caps

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BMW Wheel Emblems for Center Caps


    Diameter: 20 to 120 mm.


    If you want different size please contact us

    Scratch-resistant domed coating

    Waterproof & durable

    Tear-resistant & UV resistant


The stickers are made of High-Quality Vinyl - Made in Germany. The coating is made of 3D domed resin with 100% UV protection. The colors of our stickers will not fade over time. They can be applied to any clean and flat surface. Guarantee for more than 5 years, if the stickers are installed correctly!


How To Install in 3 Easy Steps

1. PREP:  Clean the area. 

2. PEEL:  Remove paper off the back of the sticker.

3. STICK:  Carefully put the sticker down and press firmly for at least 30 seconds.

Please note: Stickers could be used only for flat surfaces! The price is for set of 4


Size: 25 mm